Peik Elias

Member of Billedkunstnerne i Oslo og Akershus (BOA) and NBK


I have a diverse background from a master’s in design, bachelor’s in philosophy and studies in applied and visual art. My work find itself in the borderland between fine art and discursive design. My point of departure is that humans understand the world through stories and material form. Through interaction with each other and objects.


While “good” design often is intuitive and measured after how little it makes the user stop and think, the same language and methods can be used in inverse to encourage questions.

Developing objects, which works as a catalyst for thoughts, is something I continuously work with. Thus, I consider myself a storyteller. My work is in a figurative tradition, not as an imitation, but rather in a way of distorting representation. This oblique way of portraying reality speaks to me because it reflects that perception always will be an abstraction.


Peik Elias creative work spans from fine art, through design as an explorative medium, to commercial design. He holds a Masters in Industrial Design, from The Oslo School of Architecture and The school of Applied Arts in Vienna. He also studied fine art in Copenhagen, and possesses a bachelor’s in philosophy from the Arctic University of Tromsø, and the University of Oslo.


In his spear time he tries to be as much out in the wild as possible. He favors the white mountains or the salt sea. Climbing peaks and alpine skiing during the winter season, and in the summer, he often find himself on a small boat thrown around by waves.



2020: Roulor, Oslo

2019: Galleri Briskeby, Oslo

2017: Galleriet AHO, Oslo

2016: Studio Enogførti, Oslo

2016: Oslo Posthalle, Vienna

2016: Die Angewandte, Vienna

2015: Kulturkirken Jacob,

2014: Oslo University square, Oslo

Relevant work and positions:

2019: Independent Art and Design Practice 

2018: Designer, Studio Matteo Ferroni, Perugia

2014-15: Designer at Wonderland Beds

2013-14: Student Assistant AHO

2010-11: PR Responsible, Insomnia Festival


2011- 18: Master in Design, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

2010-19:Philosophy; University of Tromsø and University of Oslo

2009-10: Borups Art School, Copenhagen