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Peik Elias

Member of LNM and NBK


Peik Elias (1989) work with art as allegory. His works are an exploration of the intersubjective inner world, and how it changes through time. Thus, his art contains references to mystique constellations and historic events, and the motives are t always traceable to the human drama. Us, we, them. Their beliefs. The ideas we cling on to.


His point of departure is that logical thoughts can’t grasp every aspect of Being, and that the visual language stimulates another type of reflection than words could. He emphasizes that prior to language it was images. Not only for the history of humanity, but also in one’s earliest dialog within. Symbols is the mean of communications between the consciences and subconsciousness. He values the presence of the art piece, and the meaning evolves in dialog with the work.


Peik has a diverse background, and in addition to master’s in fine art from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, he holds a master’s in design from The Oslo School of Architecture and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, as well as a bachelor’s in philosophy. He has lived and worked in Italy, Germany, Austria and Denmark, besides the mountainous part of northern Norway. These are all elements that influences his artistic practice.



2023: TB 12, Oslo

2022: Oppland Kunstsenter

2022: Taiteen Talo (Konstens hus), Turku

2022: Galleri 69, Oslo

2022: Østlandsutstillingen, Lillehammer

2022: K-U-K, Trondheim

2022: Nils Aas Kunstverksted, Inderøy

2022: Østlandsutstillingen, Lillestrøm 

2022: Trøndelag teater, Trondheim 

2022: Trondheim Public Library 

2021: Hjelp, Gallery Kit, Trondheim 

2021: SHED, Nyhavna, Trondheim

2020: Trondheim Open, Trondheim

2020: Galleri KIT, Trondheim

2020: Rouleur, Oslo 

2019: Galleri Briskeby, Oslo 

2018: Kunsternes hus, Oslo

2017: Studio Enogførti, Oslo

2016: Posthalle, Wien

2016: Die Angewandte, Wien 

grants, residencies, purchases & awards


2022: Residency Atelier Austmarka

2022: Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Kulturrådet

2021: Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond Stipend

2021: Skisreder Tom Wilhelmsens Stiftelse Legat

2020: Purchased by NHO

2014: Nordic Lights Design Finalist

2014: AHO Works Nominee


2020-22: Master of Fine Art: Art Academy in Trondheim. NTNU.

2011-18: Master in Design, The Oslo School of Architecture and                 Design, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

2010-19: Bachlor in Philosophy; University of Tromsø and                           University of Oslo

2009-10: Borups Art School, Copenhagen

Relevant work and positions:

2020-22: Painting assistent, Art Academy of Trondheim

2021-22: Writer, Artscene Trondheim

2021: Graphic Designer, SiT Labs, Trondheim

2020: Assistent for Artist Ole Magnus Lund Bø

2018: Assistent Studio Matteo Ferroni, Italia

2018: Social Worker Gaustad Hospital, Oslo

2014-15: Designer at Wonderland Beds

2013-14: Student Assistant Mechanics and Statics

2011-14: Vice Chairman in the Party Committee at AHO

2010-11: PR Responsible at the Insomnia Festival, Tromsø

2012-13: Guard at the Oslo Prison

2011: Matros on the ship Vulkan

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